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Here we love to offer you information and solutions to your back pain or sciatic pain and honest back care suggestions. Its time for you to take control of your bad back!

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Also  how to handle everyday situations such as shopping, gardening, driving and sleeping with sciatica and back pain and to consider possible pain relief and treatment options.

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"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance "

(Bruce Barton)




I am a recovering back pain and sciatica sufferer.  I had lower back pain and bi lateral sciatic pain in both legs from hip to toes. The severe pain lasted for a long time and I tried many options which did not work or only worked temporarily for me before I found what could help me. 

Backpain affected many areas of my life and was one of the worst times in my life....

I learned that I had to get educated, ask smart questions and do the work. I learned that for me at least there was no quick fix, but that I could be in control and get my life back! 

So my motivation for writing this is to help others from my experience of back pain and sciatic pain. 

I wish you well and pain free....







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