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Quick Tips For Easing Back And Sciatic Pain 

Here are some Quick Tips for easing back and sciatic pain. For more details please read the more in depth articles.


Daily Life

Supermarket shopping can be difficult if you have back pain or sciatica. 

If you have to shop get help. Most stores will be happy to oblige and remember you may have back problems but you are the customer after all. 

Isolation is a big factor if you cannot go far due to back pain and sciatica symptoms. Find helpgroups on or off line to keep you in touch with people who will understand. 

 Talk to friends and family and try to explain how your bad back, pinched sciatic nerve symptoms, and back problems affect you but do not only talk about your pain.

Do try out lumbar supports for your car and move the seating around until you are in a good position.

Driving. Do get out of the car at least every hour and move about.

 At your work desk, check out the that you are working the correct height for you . If you are not get it changed.

Limit your use of high heels or do not wear them.

Ironing. If you must iron, take breaks regularly, experiment with what is best for you standing or sitting. I have to admit I do no ironing now. I find I can just about get away within if I wash and then tumble dry or line dry clothes and hang up quickly!





..or not sleeping as the case may be.....

Try these;

A memory foam mattress topper.

If you lie on your side position a pillow between your knees. Try a pillow at your back and front as well.

Try a natural sleep aid.

Listen to relaxation CD's while you are in bed trying to get to sleep. This may help with any anxiety and stress you are feeling.

Try a body pillow. It helps ease pressure on the hips and supports the body. It helps to position the hips, spine an sometimes neck (depending on the model) so there is less pressure on the spine and aids more restful sleep.

 Try a warm bath or shower just before bedtime.

For more information visit Sleep Tips For Sciatic And Back Pain 





Travel Tips

Travelling with back pain and pinched sciatic nerve symptoms can be a nightmare, but travelling is one of my passions and I couldn't give it up for longer than the year I had to. I gathered all these useful tips.

Take your own back support on the plane/train/car.

Try to keep your feet flat on the floor on a foot rest with your legs uncrossed.

Don't over pack, you will only have to carry it, pack light.

Move as much as possible, get out of your seat every hour, get up stretch, walk about

Keep hydrated, especially on a plane drink lots of water.

If it works for you take a heat pad/ice pack with you on your journey. You can buy some heat pads which last up to 8 hours and are very useful for easing back aches and pains and sciatica symptoms when travelling.

Request extra pillows/blankets in your hotel room so you can get in a comfortable sleep position.

Be very careful moving your luggage.....get cases with wheels or someone to help you.

Get an aisle seat so you can move around without feeling you are a nuisance.

 Carry any medication with you in your hand luggage and get a Doctors note. Check regulations and procedures for carrying /declaring medication when you book your ticket.

Take out adequate health insurance for your travels.

Check the accessibility at your destination for your needs.

If your holiday accommodation is a long way from the airport consider staying overnight in a  hotel to give your bad back a rest and a chance to do your back pain and sciatica relief exercises.

If the hotel has a pool, use it to just be in the water gently moving, floating etc . Water therapy can help to ease your back pain and sciatica symptoms. 




Gardening Tips

Gardening can be very hard on your bad back. However if you are like me you still want to get out there!! I also find because I want to garden I will do what needs to be done to keep my back healthy as possible so I can do it!! 

Warm up properly before you set foot outside.
  • Take warm bath or shower immediately after gardening.

    Wear a heat pad while gardening or use it after gardening to warm the back muscles and ease aches and pains.
    Do a little then rest. Frustrating I know but better than back pain!

    Do different tasks in the garden , rotate what you have to do so  you have not spent all your time in one position.

    Get someone else to do the heavy work or pay a clearance firm if it has got on top of you ..then you can do the nice bits!

    If bending and stretching is too much for you consider raised beds.
  • Go for a low maintenance garden.

    Use good tools that are back friendly and with long handles to reduce the stretching across or bending you have to do.





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