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Personal Review Of The"Lose The Back Pain System" 


I had a wonderful coach and mentor. His name is Steve Hefferon and he is the co founder,  with Jesse Cannone of the Healthy Back Institute and produced  "Lose the Back Pain system".


 Both guys and their staff were very motivational and caring with me and Steve supported me when I was in most pain with my back pain and sciatica symptoms and most needed help. I had waited so long and felt so isolated that when I finally found someone to actually "LISTEN" to me I was thrilled and I have to admit more than a little demanding.... 


No matter how frequently I contacted the support service the staff always replied with good solid advice and compassion....about the back pain and sciatica relief exercises and concerns I had over my back. That impressed me. In addition after months of treatments and pain and trying lots of things this system WORKED FOR ME.

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Listen To What Matt Has To Say About His Experience Of Lose The Back Pain System...


DVD 1 is very educational detailing information about muscle imbalances and covers the assessments. The self assessments are a key aspect to the program because you identify what muscle imbalances you have and then can see which  corrective exercises you will need to follow.

  • DVD 2 All of the stretches and exercises for back pain and sciatica relief in the system are demonstrated by Steve and Jesse themselves. This makes it very easy for you to check your form and make sure you are doing them as they should be done.

  • Three audio CDs which introduce the whole concept and approach, and discuss pain reduction strategies you can use to help you manage your pain. If you have been diagnosed with a specific condition such as herniated disc, sciatica etc.  the third CD covers specific recommendations, techniques and treatments for specific back pain problems and sciatica relief in addition to addressing your muscle imbalances.

You also get…

  • A Reference Manual, including photos and instructions, and pain reduction strategies.

  • A Personal Workbook for you to create your custom treatment plan.

  • Personal Support to help you help yourself get the most out of the program.

The basic premise of the system is that it addresses the cause and the symptoms of back pain and sciatica symptoms, the cause often being muscle imbalances. Yes there are a lot of books around on stretching, but the big difference here is that you learn why muscle imbalances are so important , which muscles need to be stretched and which muscles need to be strengthened , then you get a step by step guide on which exercises to do and how.

Doris Ann Had A Good Experience Of Lose The Back Pain System Too...


I was excited to get the system and it was great to watch it all through, then of course it dawned on me I would actually have to DO IT.  No, just watching the video wont cut it.  This system does require a few minutes every day investment of your time, effort  and consistency to work.


Some people get results in a few days, for others it may take longer. Personally I saw improvements of my back pain and sciatica symptoms in 3 weeks doing the exercises twice a day and was able to resume a much more normal life within 3 months.


Now considering I had my back issues and sciatica in both legs hip to toes for over 7 months, tried many other treatments which had not worked, and was thinking I may need surgery,  this for me was great!


Is It Worth It?

Yes it is a FANTASTIC system and it worked for me! I knew when I was looking for a solution that I did not want just another book. Of course there are many other back pain remedies, back pain and sciatica exercises, lotions and potions out there but here you will find a solid system, guys and staff that really care and stay with you after you have purchased the lose the back pain system to give you personal support.

 They actually show you the back pain and sciatica relief exercises on the video and you know why you are doing them. 

The crux of this system is that you identify your issues in the privacy of your own home and then get support as and when you need it to help you help yourself make the most of the system. In my opinion, this is the real McCoy!!


 As I say throughout the website it is your job to look after yourself and to consider carefully any choices for the care of your back. It is of course always wise to check it out if OK for you to do with your healthcare professional.

This is my personal view from my heart how it is and that it is a choice for you to seriously consider if you have back pain and sciatica symptoms.

Learn more about the lose the back pain system and start working to get rid of your back pain!.

Wishing you health and happiness :)





So who are Steve and Jesse? What is the "lose the back pain system"?

The "Lose the Back Pain System" was originally developed in 2001 by massage therapist, Steven Hefferon and fitness trainer, Jesse Cannone. 

Together, and with help from doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals...they have updated and improved it. 

However the system essentially retains its simplicity in that it helps you, (without you having to have a degree in biology, physiology etc!!) understand back pain and sciatica, explains the concept of muscle imbalances, shows you how to do self assessments and which corrective exercises to do.

For  Lose the Back Pain System Please Click Here.


  • Clear simple instructions

  • Outstanding support service.

  •  Huge amount of information and expertise for your money or

  • "more bang for your bucks!"

  • NO driving in agony to appointments.

  • NO weekly spend on various treatments for temporary relief of back pain and sciatica.( for me the system cost less than 2 treatments)

  • NO wasting time sitting in waiting rooms.

  • If you are working, you don't need to take time off several times  a week for back pain and sciatica relief treatments

You can just get on with the exercises for back pain and sciatica relief in your own space whenever you can.


Learn more about the lose the back pain system.








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