My Pet Back Relief.

My Back Pain Story 

I am a recovering back pain and sciatica sufferer.  I had lower back pain and bi lateral sciatic pain in both legs from hip to toes. The severe pain lasted for a long time and I tried many options which did not work or only worked temporarily for me before I found what could help me. 

Backpain affected many areas of my life and was one of the worst times in my life....

I learned that I had to get educated, ask smart questions and do the work. I learned that for me at least there was no quick fix, but that I could be in control and get my life back! 

So my motivation for writing this is to help others from my experience of back pain and sciatic pain. 

I wish you well and pain free....



My Back Pain Story

Learn all about my journey with my back pain and sciatica story.

  My experience with Back pain.

When I thought of telling you about my experience with back pain, two things went through my head; one, that my story is not new, exciting or rare and two, that it might just help someone.

My intention is only to share what I learnt through my experiences, which may or may not be relevant to you.

I am always impressed with people who knowledgeably negotiate their way through back pain and if that's you I hope you laugh with me at how naïve I was. I did not try everything and I am well aware people have success with things which did not work for me and vice versa.

I am not an expert on back pain but if you want to know how it was for me with my condition and what I learned please read on…..

This account is not always pretty and I am not always proud, but it is a frank, and very personal journey.…..

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