My Pet Back Relief.


Dealing with the physical effects of back pain and sciatica symptoms is difficult enough, often we need some support to handle it mentally and emotionally as well. 

Here are some ideas for  back pain inspiration, relaxation and motivation which gave me mental and emotional support when I was in the throes of back pain and pinched sciatic nerve symptoms. 

I have often read about the debate whether stress and depression cause back pain or whether back pain causes stress and depression...I seriously think the main thing is to tackle the Stress, Anxiety and Depression if you have it along with the physical back pain.

Life is a journey, why walk alone with your thoughts, lets try to help each other with our positive inspiration....It is so important when battling with back problems to reach out and find things in your life that motivate and empower you.

What inspires you ?

Who inspires you ?

 Does a special person, a particular place, a pet, a piece of poetry or writing, a film, a piece of music  or a back pain story inspire you?




And some words of inspiration/quotes to inspire you now...                                                                               

"Drugs are not always necessary, (but) belief in recovery always is"

(Norman Cousins as used in Awaken the giant within Anthony Robbins)

"If you don't have a plan for your life, someone else does"

 (Anthony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within)                                                                   

"Determination is the Wake up call to the human will

(Anthony Robbins Awaken the giant within)

"Take away the cause, and the effect ceases"

(Miguel De Cervantes in Anthony Robbins Awaken the giant within)

"You cant live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you "

(John Wooden)

"Learn to find the blessing in pain. Practice observing the pain rather than owning it"

(Wayne Dyer Everyday Wisdom)

"No one knows enough to be a pessimist"
(Wayne Dyer Everyday Wisdom)

"Are you part of the problem or part of the solution"

(Wayne Dyer Everyday Wisdom)

"our doubts are our traitors"



Also my husband.....words fail me here when I know how much he helped me and what he went through.....My advice here, if you can find one person who can give you support and truly walk with you through this it is worth all the gold and diamonds in the world.


 Watch this beautiful video about Love and Compassion in our world.With regard to our own healing, I do believe that Love and Compassion for ourselves is very important. I used to hate and fear my back for the pain it caused me and I was afraid of what was happening to me....I had to learn to love it again to take the necessary steps to care....

Love yourself just as you are then you will be able to help yourself better to heal.

We all know it is also important to love and show compassion to each other especially through difficult times. I know that it was the unfailing love, support and faith in me of my wonderful husband, the caring and support I received from other back pain sufferers and recoverers, one very special friend and Steve Hefferon from Lose the Back pain that helped me to gain the inner strength to be able to rise up again to fight my own pain and condition.



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