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EXPOSED: Calcium Hardens Arteries And WEAKENS Bones

If you think you need calcium for strong bones, or to prevent osteoporosis…then please read on. You’ve been force-fed a dangerous lie which could have crippling effects on your health and vitality.

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This lie – like most lies – contains a kernel of truth. That’s what makes it so sinister.Sure, you do need calcium for strong bones…But it MUST be in correct proportion to, and balanced with at least 12 other factors.

Unfortunately you’re never told what proportion of calcium you need, nor the other 12 factors to balance it with…You’ve just been told to “get more calcium.”And everything from orange juice to baby food to pasta to stomach antacids has been “fortified with calcium”…Rows of calcium supplements line our shelves…We drink calcium-rich milk and give it to our kids…

But the truth is, this invasion of calcium in our diets has actually led to Calcium Excess in the majority of the population.And if you’re taking calcium supplementation to stave off osteoporosis, you may be doing devastation to your bones instead of strengthening them (more about that later)…

In fact, Dr. Robert Thompson, a practicing doctor, author, and expert on calcium believes over 90% of people are suffering from a dangerous calcium excess.Dr. Thompson has treated thousands of folks for calcium excesses seeing first-hand the ravages to your health it can cause…And he literally wrote the book on the deadly effects of calcium excess and how to combat it.

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In his book, Dr. Thompson chronicles what he calls the “Calcium Cascade”…The Calcium Cascade is an avalanche of ever worsening effects on your health due to excess calcium.Including things like:

  • Cancer

  • Kidney and Gallstones

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Bone Spurs

  • Thyroid Disease

  • And much more – and as scary as it is, I’m only scratching the surface…

Now let’s quickly touch on one of the MOST DEADLY consequences of calcium excess.The CDC lists it as the #1 killer of both men and women each year:And if you haven’t guessed already, it’s heart disease.The most deadly form of heart disease is coronary heart disease – killing over 370,000 people a year.Alarmingly, coronary heart disease is a direct result of excess calcium in your body.

Here’s why:

Your cells can’t store the flood of calcium you get every day, so it floats around, gumming up your bloodstream.According to Harvard Medical School, over time this free-floating calcium builds up in your arteries and coats them.As this layer of calcium hardens inside your arteries, it stiffens and shrinks them…This forces your heart to pump extra hard to push your blood through ever shrinking arteries, and your blood pressure spikes.

At the same time, plaque – formed by calcium lodging in cholesterol filled pockets – clogs your arteries, creating potentially life-threatening blockages.

This one-two punch leads to heart disease, potential heart attack, and quite possibly death.

As further proof, a recent study cited in the June 2012 health journal Heart, found an increased risk of heart attack in women taking calcium supplements.

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